Kamis, 18 April 2013

Nolo's encyclopedia of everyday law: answers to frequently asked legal questions

As a Publisher, NOLO does a great job in publishing books that allow everyone access to legal information. Most are written by lawyers, but in language that anyone can understand and enjoy. And while I still believe that there are problems where a person needs to hire a lawyer, NOLO books allow people to do many things themselves, or to have a better understanding of things when they hire a lawyer. The eighth edition of “encyclopedia of Freight of everyday law: answers to frequently asked legal questions” by Shae Irving, J.D. & editors of Nolo is a book that will help you do things on their own and provide a general understanding of the topics that you might want help from a lawyer.

Says the back of the books, “Everything ever wanted to know about the law, but couldn’t afford to ask.” While maybe not everything, this book contains a lot of information. Of course, in an encyclopedia-like format, does not go in depth on topics, but for a general understanding, it does quite well, and for most people, that’s what they need to know to make informed decisions regarding what to do when dealing with certain conditions or when they just need to know something about what it means.

The chapters of this book cover many different topics and areas of law, including homes, neighbors, landlords tenants, rights at work, small businesses, patents, copyrights, trademarks, your money, auto Guide, wills & estate planning, medical directives & powers of Attorney, American seniors, spouses & partners, parents & children, mediation & courts, criminal law & procedure, and the book concludes with a glossary and Appendix on legal research. As mentioned, this book does not go into depth about the arguments. In fact, there are entire books and sometimes volumes of books on topics covered in chapters here. (Freight has many books on topics in these chapters)

However, for a concise, single volume, which covers the basics, this is a useful reference. The book is well organized, and the voices are often in the form of question and answer. For example, in the chapter of rights at work, there is a phone book, “I am entitled to SEVERANCE PAY if they are fired or laid off?” There is then a short answer that explains the procedures and rights. The chapters also include references to Web sites that provide online help, as well as other titles of books that go more in depth on topics.

Overall, this is a very good book if you want a reference that contains a little of many areas of law. For legal matters, General, this book does a great job of answering them in English without legalese. Because the law’s effects all areas of our lives, this is a useful book to help you with your legal questions.

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